Marjorie W. Schaeffer

Teaching Experience at the Undergraduate Level:

Elmhurst College

Introduction to Psychological Science, Lecturer (2018)

University of Chicago

Psychological Impacts of Education Policy (John Dewey Prize Lectureship), Lecturer (2018)

[Reviews] [Mid-Course Review] [Syllabus]

Mechanisms of Mind, Lecturer (2017) [Reviews] [Syllabus]

Developmental Psychology: Theories and Techniques, Teaching Assistant (2016, 2017, 2018) [Reviews]

The Psychology of Learning, Teaching Assistant (2017) [Reviews]

Stereotype and Prejudice, Teaching Assistant (2017) [Reviews]

Debates in Cognitive and Social Neuroscience, Teaching Assistant (2016) [Reviews]

The Mind in Context, Teaching Intern (2016) [Reviews]

Mechanisms of Mind, Teaching Intern (2016) [Reviews]

How the Mind Creates Reality, Teaching Intern (2015) [Reviews]

Mentoring Experience: 

Advisor, Undergraduate Senior Honor Theses   

Caroline Sudduth, University of Chicago, Exploring the Role of Math Anxiety in Career Choices (2018)

Fiona Helgren, University of Chicago, Implicit Theories of Emotion Moderate the Effects of Expressive Writing on Exam Performance (2016)

Teaching Consultant for the Chicago Center for Teaching 

Conduct individual teaching consultations and mid-course reviews for graduate student instructors.

PRISM Preceptor for Undergraduate Psychology Program  

Organize professional and academic development workshops on the psychology major, honors theses, applying for fellowships, finding summer internships, getting involved in research, careers in mental health, applying to graduate school, and writing a statement of purpose.

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